SafeSport is a national movement to ensure that our sport is safe both physically and psychologically for everyone. All British Columbians should have the opportunity to participate in sport that is safe, inclusive and free from all forms of maltreatment. 

As part of our commitment to ensuring sport is safe, VIWPS is following CKC’s SafeSport and CKBC’s SafeSport program. These programs are based on codes of conduct – CKC Code of Conduct and Ethics and the BC Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC)

Safe Sport is information is quite extensive, but there are several online resources to help you learn. Visit viaSport BC’s Safe Sport Learning webpage to begin.

Part of the Safe Sport program is screening of volunteers and instructors. CKC’s Screening Policy covers the process concisely in appendix A’s matrix For Level 2 note that the CRC/VSS check is free to VIWPS members using the code MDMAXBCRKS.

Thank you for joining us in ensuring sport is safe for everyone.