1) To register for the Cowichan River Youth Kayak Festival go to RAMP Registrations. If you don’t have a login, create one. Once you’re in, select “Participant.”

2) Select the 2023 season.

3) Choose yourself as the family member to register; put in your information. If you have a NCCP# fill it in. If you don’t, you’ll get one after completing the CAC SafeSport training ( Level 2 or higher required for Instructors, Level 1 (no CRC/VSS) for other volunteers.) Please update your profile with the NCCP# after completing the training.

4) Under the Choose a Category and Age Group menu, choose: Whitewater Recreational Adult

5) Select the option for Volunteer – Cowichan River Youth Kayak Festival 2023:

6) Continue through the registration, you will have to enter an emergency contact and any important medical information.

7) Complete the SafeSport screening process and training. Remember to update you profile in RAMP with your NCCP# once complete.

Please email info@VIWPS.ca if you have any problems questions on the registration process.